Our Experties

  • Migration and development
  • Policy analysis
  • Socio-economic and political context analysis
  • Collective learning and knowledge building
  • Project management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Training, facilitation and conference moderation

Books and Book chapters

  • China-Africa Relations: The Relevance Of Strategic Engagement Of African Civil Society Organisations With China, in Ton Dietz, Kjell Havnevik, Mayke Kaag, Terje Oestigaard (eds.) African Engagements, Africa Negotiating an Emerging Multipolar World, (Chapter 11) Leiden: Brill
  • Prospects for a development-friendly EU migration policy?   New Challenges, New Beginnings Next Steps in European Development Cooperation; European Think-Tanks Group -ODI, DIE, FRIDE and ECDPM, February 2010more
  • Sino-African Relations; Reflections on Civil Society Engagement, in Harneit-Sievers A. Marks, S. and Sanusha Naidu, S. (2010) Chinese and African Perspectives on China in Africa, Oxford: Fahamu Books more
  • Conceptualising Collective Learning and Knowledge Building in the context of migration and development

Research Papers

Diaspora and peace: Ethiopian migration to the Netherlands

  • Somali Diaspora Associations in Italy: between integration and transnational engagement
  • Diaspora and peace: a comparative assessment of Somali and Ethiopian communities in Europe
  • Key criteria of good practice” for constructive diaspora engagement in peace building
  • Migration in Burundi: History, Current Trends and Future Prospects
  • Diasporas and Local government: Natural partners
  • Migration and development: Changing times for Diaspora organisations in Europe
  • Political Instability in Africa: Where the problem lies and alternative perspectives
  • Politics of ethnic alliances and ethno-regional parties: Which way for Kenya?
  • China-Africa relations a review of the civil society – academic dialogue process 2007-2010
  • Sino-African relations: reflections on civil society engagement
  • Addiction treatment and community mental health in Africa
  • Addressing the Gaps in Addiction Treatment and Community Mental Health in Kisumu, Kenya – SINAM’s Western Kenya Initiative


  • Diaspora engagement and participation at the local government level
  • Circular migration and gaps in the health care service A mirage or panacea?
  • Africa’s development trajectory and the South-South Corporation A paradigm shift or pragmatism

Articles in Journals and newspapers

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